Hello there

I’m Pavel Danov a.k.a. _hao or underscoreHao (on websites that don’t support underscores). Welcome to my personal website. Here you can find about things that interest me and occupy my attention most of the time. I’m currently residing in

London, United Kingdom

I was born in Bulgaria but moved to London a couple of months ago almost two years ago.

For the better part of a decade my time has been devoted mainly to Software. I’ve been occupied in the software industry professionally for 9 years, but I’ve been dabbling with computers since I was a child.

My other interests are too broad to list, but some honorable mentions - martial arts (been practicing for more than 20 years), film, reading books (a lot of history, politics and science).

I like to play games and I am also fond of bashing my head against the wall when trying to make them in my free time. I’m the founder of a small game development studio and have a couple of projects in the pipeline including creating my own game engine.

Most people that know me are aware of my love for languages, having studied to varying degrees of success - English, German, Russian and now learning Chinese. 我认识你很高兴!

Software Engineer

At present, I’m working as a .NET Consultant at Amido. There my job consists of designing and implementing cloud first technical solutions for various clients.

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